With well-established roots in the Oregon cannabis community, Stem Holdings is rapidly expanding our proven business model across the US.


Expanding our Recognizable and Established Brand

Stem began as an early stage investment company to purchase, lease and improve cannabis properties. Stem entered into a multiparty agreement to acquire recognizable and historic brand: TJ’s Gardens and other TJ’s assets. From here, Stem Holdings’ team has been working to expand product lines, cultivation plans, retail-facing dispensaries, and more across the states of Oregon, Nevada, and Oklahoma with plans to include Massachusetts, Florida, and New Jersey.

Stem provides great value in their current place in the industry. Pursuant to a multiparty agreement, Stem will be vertically integrated, merging the best growers, extractors, contractors, construction team, R&D operators and designers across the industry. Stem Holdings presents a successful integrated model with a focus not only on high quality THC products but also on CBD-only products.


Here’s what sets us apart from our competition:

The Stem Holdings “Big Picture” Business model: global scalability, multiple profit streams, seed to sale mindset with full control of the market.

The TJ’s Brand experience:
TJ’s Gardens and its current products are all high quality and organic. The TJ’s brand is backed by both high-level science and true wellness testimonials via our Forrest Initiative.

Focus on both THC and CBD
: Stem is not only focused on recreational usage of THC products, but understands that the market for CBD in 5-10 years time will be all-encompassing (bath products, healthcare, lifestyle). Stem is consciously aware that becoming a market leader in both THC and CBD is key in maintaining long-term growth of our brand.




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