Adam Berk

Adam is a former military officer with the United States Naval Academy. After receiving extensive military strategy training, he earned a degree in finance and hospitality management from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of Miami School of Business. Adam previously started and developed a metal import business, Global Partners, from India and China. He focused on the international financing and marketing aspects of the company. Following Global Partners, Adam became the Co- Chief Executive Officer of Osmio (currently GrubHub), the first patented web-based corporate expense management system that concentrated on food ordering for law firms, investment banks, and consulting firms. He led the company through its sale to Aramark.

Adam was the founder of HYD For Men, an artisanal men’s grooming company that patented the first solution to extend the life of a razor blade by 400%. HYD For Men was sold at HSN, Walgreens, BedBathBeyond,, Birchbox, GiantEagle, Meijers, and Kinney Drugs. Recently, HYD For Men was acquired by Lucas Investment Group. Adam is one of the principal founders of PPI, a company that patented the first paper water bottle that is fully biodegradable, recyclable and compostable. Adam is on the advisory board of the Pillsbury Institute and Cornell University.